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What is Wrap Up

Wrap Up is a bag that combines a traditional cotton bread bag and innovative inner fabric treated with a lining that works as a membrane. Air passes through the inner fabric of the two-layer wrap faster than moisture. This not only keeps the bread inside from starting to “sweat and get moldy”, but also from becoming stale and hard just as quickly as what happens in a normal dish cloth. The coated layer is made of polyurethane designed with anti-fungal resistance and certified by the State Health Authority. The bag is compact and easy to maintain. If it gets dirty, it can be washed by hand or in the washing machine.

As part of our motto A World Without Plastic Bags, our bag can be used to shop for bread and keep it in at home, thus making the use of microtene sacks and plastic bags completely obsolete. Our bags are sewn by hand in many patterns and make a convenient accessory for every kitchen. The sewing method is registered as a utility model, number 33007, at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic. To ensure the harmony and attractiveness of these accessories in the kitchen, we have begun sewing them from the same fabrics used for our favorite collection of bags. These same patterns will be used for oven mitts and cloth to wrap around drinking glasses.

We are also producing ordinary flat-bottomed cotton bags for convenient package-free shopping for dry bulk foods. We sew these smaller reusable bags from the cotton fabric left over after cutting our bread bags. Naturally we also recycle.


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