Why our bags Wrap Up®

To end the use of plastic bags

Reducing the amount of plastic packaging used, especially disposable packaging, is vital for future generations. We cannot burden our planet with plastics indefinitely nor ignore the risk microplastics pose to our health. Using your own cloth bag to shop for bread in is one of the ways to cut out using plastic bags for shopping. The situation is even better in a bakery, because the goods there do not need to be packed at the checkout. When shopping, the bag can be carried by the strings just like a hand bag (large loaves of bread can be put gently in the bag and the bag itself carried around in a larger shopping bag). Bread can also be bought anywhere in a paper bag and then put inside the bread bag when you get home, this way removing any need for plastic bags. This is what we are trying to achieve with our corporate motto A World Without Plastic

To keep bread from being thrown away

Tons of food end up in the trash every year and as much as 48% of it is bread! For keeping bread fresh at home, experts recommend: Wrap it up in cotton or linen cloth. This allows bread to breathe and not become moldy (although this also depends on the quality of the bread). Unfortunately bread will become dry, hard and stale this way really quickly. Outside a plastic bag, it will get hard and have to be thrown away. If the bread, still wrapped up in cloth, ends up “back” in the plastic bag, then there is the high probability that it will become moldy. The challenge was to create something inside the bag to keep bread from becoming moldy, as in the case of plastic bags, or drying out when wrapped inside a towel. Our Wrap Ups are a compromise between cotton cloth and plastic bags. They keep bread and bread products fresh longer, meaning more gets eaten and less thrown away.

Bread is a product of our country, a gift of God and the result of the hard work of mankind. We should appreciate every slice.

Making your kitchen something to behold

We make these bags in three sizes, also for round bread and baguettes. Czech seamstresses carefully sew them from quality fabrics made by Czech manufacturers. There are many wonderful patterns and colors to choose from to suit your taste or the design of your kitchen. The sewing method is registered as a utility model, number 33007, at the Industrial Property Office of the Czech Republic.
We customize bags for companies and bakeries to include a print or embroidery of their logos.

Thanks so much for your fast service and delivery.
We ordered one bag from you and were so excited with it that we are now ordering more for the entire family for Christmas and will spread the word.
Thank you for such great products.
Wishing you a pleasant evening, wonderful holidays and lots of bags sold in 2020.

Louise Holdenness, Plainview, Nebraska

I received one of your bags for Christmas. At first I was skeptical, but now I have to say I’m impressed. These bags are unbelievable. The bread inside them always taste delicious. I was looking for something like this for a long time, because bread from a plastic bag is really like plastic itself. Thanks a lot and keep at it.

Best wishes, Douglas Frassanito 
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