Wrap Ups are very practical, compact and easy to maintain cloth containers made for repeated use. The inner fabric almost never needs cleaning, you simply have to shake out the crumbs and lightly wipe away any flour with a damp, clean cloth or dish towel. If necessary, the bag can be washed at 30°C in a washing machine, but it is enough to rinse it out by hand. It should be washed with similar laundry, not with dark and bright colors. Do not use fabric softener or strongly fragrant detergent powders (preferably all-natural, no fragrance). Bleach or chemical cleansers are not advised. The outer fabric is 100% cotton, so set the spin speed to less than 800. High speed will cause the fibers to break down, resulting in permanent creases in the fabric. This is especially true for Natural gray bags, which are not made for ironing. Putting the bag in the dryer is also not advised. Fabric manufacturers recommend washing their products before first use.

Because the white inner lining is partially waterproof, we recommend that after washing the bag you stretch it out so that it dries by enough air getting in between the two fabrics.

The bag should also be stretched out before ironing so that the white inner lining, which must not be ironed, is separate from the cotton fabric. Like any other cotton product, the cotton part of the bag can be ironed up to a maximum of 200°C.

Do not fold empty bags, because the lining can crack after going unused for an extended period. You can hang them loosely by the strings or gently roll them up into a large roll. Always keep empty bags out of the reach of children!

If moldy bread appears in the bag, wash the bag in accordance with the instructions before using it again. The inner fabric should also be properly wiped down with a damp cloth, preferably a new, clean one. Any stains can be removed by using diluted vinegar water or soaking them in warm, soapy water, but they usually disappear after any washing. If the mold gets into the cotton part of the bag, it is better to wash the bag in the washing machine. Do not use cleaning agents with chlorine!  If no mold is noticeable after washing, the bag can be used again. Also regularly wash the cutting board and bread knife and change the sponges used to wash dishes.

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