How it works

The idea of our family-owned company was to take a traditional cotton bag closed with strings at the top, which makes a very practical, compact and easy-to-maintain container, and add innovative lining inside it that acts like a membrane. Air passes through the inner fabric of the two-layer wrap faster than moisture. This not only keeps the bread inside from starting to “sweat” or mold quickly, but also from becoming stale and hard just as quickly as what happens in a normal dish towel.

This special lining is made of polyurethane, which is used in health care and wherever anti-fungal resistance is required (unfortunately the source of mold is the bread itself, so its freshness also depends on the quality of the bread and the hygiene that goes into handling it – the best is bread made from quality ingredients and sold without any plastic packaging).

These special bags for storing bread in are a compromise between cotton cloth, in which bread dries out and gets hard very quickly, and plastic (microtene) bags, in which bread quickly starts to mold.

Polyurethane is not PVC, it does not contain any phthalates or lead, and the inner fabric is certified by the State Health Authority to keep bread in. All patterned cotton fabrics are produced in accordance with the Ökotex Standard 100 certificate, for class I, for children up to 3 years of age. The fabric contains the natural properties of cotton, such as softly reinforced thread.

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