Bread bag – two-layer bag with drawstrings.
The outer layer is made of solid cotton fabric, certified Ökotex Standard 100 class I.
The inner fabric is treated PUL and certified by the State Health Authority. Easy maintenance.
It can also be used for shopping. Quality work, handmade, Czech product.

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Creamy light brown pattern, no imprint at all. The bag is sewn from greige fabric in a linen weave without any treatment, i.e. woven without bleaching or dyeing, etc. The fabric exhibits its natural state, the structure looks very natural, the weaving warp is noticeable. Greige-brown drawstring.
Natural pattern good for all kitchens. What follows is an environmentally focused style of accessories.
Strong, untreated cotton fabric easy to iron. We recommend spinning at low speeds to avoid breaking the textile fibers. Price after discount 13 EUR.


Wrap Up is designed for repeated use. Just shake out the crumbs and wipe down the inner lining with a clean, damp cloth. The bag can also go in the washing machine if needed. at a temperature of no more than 30°C and low-speed spin cycle, but it is enough to wash it by hand, preferably with soap or a natural, non-fragrant detergent. Do not use fabric softener. The cotton part of the bag can be ironed at a maximum temperature of 200°C. Machine drying is not recommended. Empty bags can be hung up by their strings or rolled up without any folds and stored away. More information

We sewed for the collection